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The WNPRC Virology Services Unit provides expert support to investigators performing virological research in nonhuman primates. Our services include highly sensitive molecular diagnostics, production and titration of virus stocks suitable for in-vitro and/or in-vivo studies, generation of custom virus mutants by reverse genetics, virus isolation and more. NPRC affiliates and other NIH-funded investigators form the majority of our clients, though we also provide services to other universities, nonprofit organizations and companies.

Contact Information

Services Supported

  • Detection of viral nucleic acids using quantitative PCR (targets include SIV/SHIV, influenza, yellow fever, dengue)
  • Design and implementation of custom molecular diagnostics (RNA or DNA viruses)
  • Production of characterized virus stocks suitable for in-vitro or in-vivo use

Key Personnel

Thomas C. Friedrich Unit Head 608-265-3381 Send email
Andrea Weiler Research Specialist 608-265-3379 Send email
Michael Johnson Associate Research Specialist 608-265-3379 Send email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your rates for services? Rates for services are calculated based on material and labor costs. NIH funded investigators receive discounted rates. Contact Dr. Friedrich for current rates.
  • What sorts of samples should I provide for virus load assays? Samples for virus load assays should be cell-free tissue culture supernatant or EDTA-anticoagulated plasma. For questions about detecting SIV nucleic acids in other sample types, please contact us.
  • How can I arrange to have samples tested with molecular diagnostics? Contact Dr. Friedrich to arrange for diagnostics.

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