Nancy Wilson Schlei

Senior Scientist


Nancy Wilson SchleiMedicine

Contact Information:

  • (608) 263-3369

Curriculum Vitae:

Nancy Wilson Schlei's Curriculum Vitae

Aligned research focus:

Rhesus tetramer development, Kidney fibrogenesis and transplant models

Organ system/disease focus:

We have developed a panel of MHC class I tetramers for the rhesus macaque that spans the SIV genome as well as the most frequent alleles of interest. These are available to all SIV researchers.

My other focus is kidney fibrogenesis and the immunology and biochemistry of kidney transplantation.

Research description:

The most efficacious way to blunt the continued expansion of HIV/AIDS infection is development of an effective vaccine. We have developed reagents to support the development of T cell based vaccines. These reagents allow identification and sorting of T cells which have particular MHC class I/SIV peptide pairs as their targets. These reagents allow a rapid, comprehensive means to follow vaccine trials after vaccination as well as after challenge.

Selected references:

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