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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
A legacy of life-saving research and humane animal care

Veterinary Services Unit

Two cynomolgus macaques at the WNPRC (J. Lenon image)

Two cynomolgus macaques at the WNPRC (J. Lenon image)

Veterinary Services activities are primarily divided into two areas of emphasis: Clinical Care and Protocol Implementation. Veterinary Services provides the medical and technical coverage to meet the ever-expanding needs of the animals and researchers at the Primate Center. This service is headed by Saverio (Buddy) Capuano lll, DVM, DACLAM, Associate Director for Animal Services/Attending Veterinarian, pictured here second from the left with some of the veterinary services and care staff.

Contact Information

Services Supported

  • Clinical Care
  • Personnel Training
  • Protocol Development
  • Radiographic Imaging
  • Ultrasonic imaging
  • Surgical Support
  • Endoscopy and Laparoscopy
  • Biannual Colony Physical Exams
  • Outreach Technical Training
  • Research Support

Key Personnel

Saverio “Buddy” Capuano, DVM, DACLAM Attending Veterinarian, Associate
Director of Animal Services
(608) 263-3571 Send email to Dr. Capuano
Kevin Brunner, DVM Research Animal Veterinarian,
Scientific Protocol Implementation
Technical Unit Head
(608) 265-9069 Send email to Dr. Brunner
Shreya Larson, DVM Assoc. Research Animal Veterinarian,
Veterinary Services Unit Head
(608) 209-2190 Send email to Dr. Larson
Jenny Coonen, DVM, DACLAM Assoc. Research Animal Veterinarian (608) 890-2978 Send email to Dr. Coonen
Casey Fitz, DVM Asst. Research Animal Veterinarian (608) 209-7590 Send email to Dr. Fitz
Greg daggett, dvm, MLAS Asst. Research Animal Veterinarian (608) 509-2773 Send email to Dr. Daggett
Michele Harke, DVM Research Animal Veterinarian (608) 265-3240 Send email to Dr. Harke
Stacey Maves, CVT, LATG Veterinary Technician 2 (608) 263-3529 Send email to Stacey Maves
Denny Mohr Senior Surgical O.R Tech/ Emeritus (608) 263-3558 Send email to Denny Mohr
Joelle Rose Veterinary Technician 2 (608) 513-2943 Send email to Joelle Rose

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does one become a Veterinarian? Please visit the AVMA website below and it will give you all the information that you need.
  • How do you become a Veterinary Technician? Go to the website below of NAVTA and it will give you the requirements and schools and locations in the US.
  • What is the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science? It is a group that serves as the principal means of communication between the individuals and organizations of laboratory animal science
  • Do you have to have special schooling to work with Primates? AALAS, ACLAM and RARC provide training and schooling for research training.
  • Has Animal Research been around for very long? It is one of the oldest specialties in Veterinary Medicine.

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