University of Wisconsin–Madison

Colony Management Unit

Marmosets in the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center lobby. (A. Lenon image)

Colony Management in the Division of Animal Services shares responsibilities with Veterinary Services for animal husbandry, colony records, quality assurance, animal assignments, and procurement and transportation of animals. The unit also shares responsibility for regulatory compliance with respect to animal use and facility operations, AAALAC-I and protocol compliance. The unit consists of one colony manager, three supervisors, and 26 animal care staff. Animal care staff perform daily husbandry activities and provide environmental enrichment for the approximately 1,600 primates composed of rhesus and cynomolgus macaques and common marmosets.

As of September 2016, the WNPRC colony consisted of:

Other species of monkeys, including Macaca arctoides (stumptailed macaque), Saguinus oedipus (cottontop tamarin), and Cholorocebus aethiops (vervet or African green monkey) have been studied at the center.
The center has a breeding colony and does not import animals from the wild.

Contact Information

Services Supported

  • primate husbandry
  • primate environmental enrichment
  • basic sample collection such as blood, urine, feces, etc.
  • primate restraint
  • colony records entries

Key Personnel

Bonnie Friscino Colony Manager (608) 890-1142 Send email to Bonnie Friscino
Dana Bonin Supervisor (608) 265-4268 Send email to Dana Bonin
Marilina Vazquez Supervisor (608) 890-2425 Send email to Marilina Vasquez
Amy Laufenberg Supervisor (608) 265-0333 Send email to Amy Laufenberg
Shawn Busse Supervisor (608) 437-2583 Send email to Shawn Busse
Les Sander Colony Records (608) 265-9157 Send email to Les Sander
Lisa Tomczak Colony Records (608) 263-3540 Send email to Lisa Tomczak

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I gain information about availability of animal resources at the Primate Center? For questions related to animal resource availability, please contact Bonnie Friscino.
  • How do I request animals for use in a research project? For questions related to animal assignments, please contact Bonnie Friscino.
  • Who do I contact to request technical research support from Animal Services? Requests for research support can be made through Bonnie Friscino.
  • Who do I contact for questions related to occupational, chemical or biological safety in Animal Services? Please direct these questions to Bonnie Friscino.