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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
A legacy of life-saving research and humane animal care

Public Information and Outreach

Jordana Lenon, B.S., B.A., is the Public Information and Outreach Specialist in the WNPRC Director’s Office. Her goal is to raise awareness and increase knowledge about how Primate Center scientists improve human and animal health through basic, humane research with nonhuman primates. With support and assistance from many WNPRC scientists, staff members and students, Ms. Lenon provides accurate and timely information about the center to a variety of audiences every day.

Contact Information

Phone: 608-263-7024

Send email to Jordana Lenon

News releases

Outreach and visitor information

Services Supported

  • Website, brochures, fact sheets and other publications.
  • Visits, speakers, and other public outreach and education activities.
  • Photography and graphics services.
  • News media relations services/coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a reporter on deadline and would like to speak with someone at the Primate Center Please call 608-263-7024, or University Communications at 608-262-3571.
  • I am a student and need help with a project on monkeys, stem cells, etc. Visit Primate Info Net to begin researching your species or other topic in primatology.
  • Can I arrange a group visit to the Primate Center? Please call Jordana at 608-263-7024.
  • Can someone come and speak to my group? Please call Jordana at 608-263-7024.
  • I am a student/citizen/researcher/patient/other with a question about research/services/animal care at the Primate Center. Please peruse the Primate Center website and its links. If you don’t find what you’re looking for; please write to the Public Information Office.