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Setting up Apple ical / calendar using WNPRC calendar server

Step 1 For Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8)

Launch iCal and open “Preferences” from the iCal menu. Click on the icon for, then click the “-” button to remove the old server account.Click the “+” button. Choose “Add Other Account…”, then choose “Add a CalDav account”.



Step 2 For Lion and above (OS X 10.7 – OS X 10.10.4)

Choose preferences from the Apple menu, then click the “Internet Accounts” icon. Then click the “+” button and choose “Add a CalDav account”, then click Manual from the “Account Type” drop down.


Step 3

Enter your primate center credentials, i.e. the username and password you use to log into EHR or the wprcfs file server and click the “Create” button. The server name is “”. If there are warnings about certificates or insecure connections click “Continue” or “Connect Anyway”

Step 4

For Lion and above close out the Preferences application, then start up Calendar and click on Preferences from the Calendar menu and choose Accounts then the account you just added. Snow Leopard users should still be in Preferences. You can turn on your delegates calendars here.
Depending on the number of appointments, it may take some time to synch the calendar onto your computer.