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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
A legacy of life-saving research and humane animal care

Administrative Services Unit

An animal research technician giving treats to common marmosets in the Primate Center lobby. (D. Hartley image)

An animal research technician giving treats to common marmosets in the Primate Center lobby. (D. Hartley image)

The Administrative Services Unit of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC) is a component of the Operational Services Division, and provides critical operational and administrative support to WNPRC investigators, to the Animal Services Division, to the Research Services Division, and to the other Operational Services units. In support of the research and animal care mission of the WNPRC, the main objectives of the Administrative Services Unit are threefold:

  • Assisting core faculty and service units to ensure compliance with applicable Federal, State, and University policies and procedures with respect to the Center’s operations, including finance, grants, human resources, and procurement;
  • Developing strategies and implementing processes across Center operations to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs whenever and wherever possible; and
  • Collaborating with faculty and units to devise strategies for increasing funding and revenue for Center programs.

Grants and Finance Team

Staff on the Grants and Finance team provide critical research administration support to WNPRC core faculty, from the initiation of proposals to the close-out of contracts and awards. Additionally, the team manages the P51 grant, awarded by the Office Of The Director, National Institutes of Health, to support the research and animal care mission of the WNPRC. Some of the Grants and Finance team’s key responsibilities include the following:

  • Pre- and post-award administration for grants and contracts;
  • Management of fee-for-service agreements;
  • Oversight of the financial management of all accounts;
  • Development, management, and implementation of service rates in consultation with the Primate Center’s service unit heads;
  • Management of the monthly charge-backs for services rendered, including per diem charges;
  • Processing of business-related reimbursements and assistance with business travel; and
  • Centralized procurement support for goods, services, and equipment.

Key Personnel

Name Position Phone Email
Erica Cleary Senior Grants Manager (608) 262-8947
Carrie Coley Grants Assistant (608) 262-7756
Chikako Francis Grant & Purchasing Administrative Assistant (608) 265-2484
Katie I. Frisch Grants Manager (608) 890-2728
Patrice Laszewski Purchasing Associate (608) 263-3501
Jack Williford Grants Assistant (608) 263-3542

General Contact Information for the WNPRC Grants and Finance Team

Fax number: (608) 263-4031

Human Resource Team

Staff on the Human Resources team provide crucial HR support to all WNPRC employees. Key responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of the strategic recruitment, hiring, and retention of staff and student hourlies;
  • Payroll processing and benefits administration;
  • Oversight of employee development, performance evaluation, and expectation-setting;
  • Management of compensation adjustments;
  • Oversight of other personnel administration, such as processing of honorary fellowships, Worker’s Compensation claims, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requests, etc.;
  • Management of employee relations; and
  • Assistance with other HR-related issues, such as implementation of ergonomic practices and principles.

Key Personnel

Name Position Phone Email
Samantha (Sam) Noordhoek HR Manager (608) 262-0149
Rachael Buss HR Manager (608)890-3585
Meara McDonald HR Assistant (608) 262-4746

General Contact Information for the WNPRC HR Team

Fax number: (608) 262-8946

Please direct general Worker’s Compensation inquiries to the UW-Madison Worker’s Compensation office (, phone: (608) 265-9475, fax: (608) 265-3624).

Employment Opportunities at the WNPRC

Please visit the UW-Madison Office of Human Resources (OHR) employment website at Jobs at UW. To search for jobs at the WNPRC, use keyword “primate” in browsing all jobs.