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Eva Rakasz, PHD

kukogSenior Scientist


Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Contact Information

Eva Rakasz’s email

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WNPRC Immunology & Virology/UW-Madison AIDS Vaccine Research Laboratory

Aligned research focus

Nonhuman primate models of major human infectious diseases

Organ system/disease focus

Immune system/AIDS, Dengue fever, Zika infection

Research description

I have a broad background in immunology with special expertise in the measurement of cellular immune responses using flow cytometry-, and elispot-based assays. I have been serving as the unit head of Immunology Services at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center since 1998. In this role I have supported numerous vaccination and pathogenesis studies for outside investigators using nonhuman primates as large animal models of major human diseases. I also oversee the introduction of novel immune assays to develop the repertoire of Immunology Services. My goal is to improve the nonhuman primate models by exploring the ontogeny, phenotype and function of the cellular immune system in rhesus macaques.

Selected references

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