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Marina E. Emborg, MD, PHD

Director Preclinical Parkinson’s Research Program, Professor, Senior Scientist


Marina Emborg

Medical Physics

Contact Information

Marina Emborg’s email

(608) 262-9714

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Aligned research focus

Neurobiology, neurodegenerative disorders

Organ system/disease focus


Research description

My research focuses on understanding and developing treatments for neurological disorders, in particular Parkinson’s disease, in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary fashion. Our studies are guided by the three rules of animal use: refining, reducing and replacing. We aim to create animal models and experimental paradigms that better reflect patients’ clinical conditions. We apply advance imaging techniques to minimize invasive procedures, maximize data collection and create new clinical applications. We search for safe neuroprotective strategies that will prevent, slow down or stop death of brain cells, and use stem cells as model systems and as cell–based strategies. Our goal is to find solutions for neurodegenerative disorders and bring them to the clinic.

Selected references:

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