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Nancy Schultz-Darken, PHD

Associate Scientist, Scientific SPI Unit Head


Nancy Schult-Darken, Ph.D.

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Contact Information

Nancy Schultz-Darken’s email

(608) 263-3563

Curriculum Vitae

Nancy Schultz-Darken’s Curriculum Vitae

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WNPRC Scientific Protocol Implementation Services

Aligned research focus

Provide support in all biomedical research areas. Specific research interests – neuroendocrinology, behavior, and neuroscience.

Research description

My research experience with nonhuman primates includes over 35 years with macaques and over 25 years with marmosets. I also managed both species in WNPRC colonies from 1999-2005.

My scientific experience began with a PhD in animal behavior that was incorporated within a larger department of Pathobiology that included substantial background in physiology, immunology, parasitology, virology, histology, and comparative pathology in addition to the major focus of animal behavior and ecology. Because of this background, I spent most of my scientific career in collaborative studies encompassing teams of experts working together on biomedical research questions. My collaborative work with common marmosets provided me with the opportunity to combine physiology, endocrinology, behavior, and the development of imaging techniques, all of which are areas of interest. Since 2005, my role as scientific head of the Scientific Protocol Implementation unit extended my collaborations into multiple disciplines enabling investigators access to not only the resources at the WNPRC, but the guidance of an investigative scientist. I participate on several grants as co-investigator and as PI on a P01 project with NIMH/NIAID. Many of these projects are part of the Global Infectious disease scientific working group. I am responsible the IACUC protocols on the sub awards and contribute scientifically to all projects. In addition, I oversee the SPI unit in accomplishing research support for all investigators using NHP at the WNPRC, not only my direct collaborators.

As Assistant Scientist at the WNPRC, I participate in research collaborations that emphasize my interests in behavior, neuroendocrinology, and neuroscience such as male parental influences on development, mechanisms of puberty, and social suppression of ovulation. With these interests, I pursue collaborations within the WNPRC scientific working groups of Neuroscience, Reproduction – Regenerative Medicine, and Energy-Metabolism-Chronic Disease. My research emphasis focuses primarily with the common marmoset and currently act as co-investigator on NIH grants related to transgenic marmosets for translational stem cell research and improvements in marmoset nutrition and husbandry.

Selected references

Selected publications related to current involvement with outside research projects:

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Selected publications related to research interests:

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