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Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
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WNPRC Informatics and Data Services staff develop the electronic health records system

WNPRC Informatics and Data Services staff Daniel Nicolalde (L) and Gabe Gottfredsen (R) develop the electronic health records system.

The Informatics & Data Services (IDS) unit’s primary objective is to maintain and improve the WNPRC’s electronic health record (EHR) system. The EHR system stores comprehensive animal health data and facilitates efficient communications throughout the Center. The EHR system functions as the “operating system” of WNPRC by providing health and biomedical research data to staff and researchers associated with WNPRC. This data management system also enables researchers to store research data which can be linked to animal health records.

The IDS unit works with all units within WNPRC to gather needs and requirements in order to further develop and expand the capabilities of the EHR system. Unit staff collaborate with investigators by developing queries for summaries of longitudinal data on WNPRC animals. Additionally, the IDS unit advocates code sharing between Nonhuman Primate Research Centers (NPRCs) with Project MergEHR whereby changes made to the LabKey-based EHR code are presented and shared among interested NPRCs.

Services Supported

  • Enabling users to report bugs, issues and request new features.
  • Integration of research data with clinical records.
  • Improving and enhancing the user experience.
  • Increasing data quality by reducing manual data entry.
  • Providing EHR-powered data management and sharing capabilities to WNPRC investigators.

Key Personnel

Name Position Phone E-mail
F. Daniel Nicolalde, Ph.D. Unit Head, Senior Information Processing Consultant (608) 890-4592  Send email to Dr. Nicolalde
Gabe Gottfredsen, B.S. Associate Information Processing Consultant (608) 261-1093 Send email to Gabe Gottfredsen

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