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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
A legacy of life-saving research and humane animal care

Primate Center Contacts

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Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Norman Drinkwater, Ph.D., Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Primate Center Scientific staff and faculty pages

Primate Center director’s office and Service divisions

Director’s Office:
Director Dr. Jon Levine (608) 263-3500
Executive Assistant Edi Chan (608) 263-3500
Public Information and Outreach Specialist Jordana Lenon (608) 263-7024
Animal Services:
Associate Director and Attending Veterinarian Dr. Saverio Capuano (608) 263-3571
Clinical Veterinary Medicine Dr. Michelle Harke (608) 265-3240
Clinical Veterinary Medicine Dr. Shreya Patel Larson (608) 261-1463
Research Veterinarian Dr. Kevin Brunner (608) 265-9069
Behavioral Services Dr. Peter Pierre (608) 890-2051
Colony Management Bonnie Friscino (608) 890-1142
Colony Records Lisa Tomczak (608) 263-3540
Surgery Dr. Shreya Patel Larson (608) 261-1485
Compliance Coordinator/ Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator Sandra Boehm (608) 890-0798
Training Unit Head Dr. Jennifer Coonen Email Dr. Coonen (608) 890-2992
Pathology Services Dr. Heather Simmons (608) 265-8279
Scientific Protocol Implementation
Assistant Scientist – Unit Head
Dr. Nancy Schultz-Darken (608) 263-3563
Scientific Protocol Implementation
Research Veterinarian – Unit Head
Dr. Kevin Brunner (608) 265-9069
Research Services:
Associate Director Dr. David Evans Email Dr. Evans (608) 265-1485
Assay Services Dr. Toni Ziegler (608) 263-3507
GeneticS services host genotyping and Pathogen sequencing Dr. David O’Connor (608) 890-0845
ImmunologY Services Dr. Eva Rakasz (608) 265-8998
INFORMATICS AND DATA SERVICES Dr. Daniel Nicolalde (608) 890-4592
VirologY Services Dr. Thomas Friedrich (608) 265-3381
Operational Services:
Associate Director Debra Jurmu (608) 263-3504
Assistant Director Administrative Services TBA
Facilities Management and Shop Services Bruce Pape (608) 263-3521
Information Technology and Systems Services Tom Lynch (608) 263-3509
Other Resources:
Aging Resource
(Part of SPI Unit)
Dr. Ricki Colman (608) 263-3544
Genetics Resource Dr. David O’Connor (608) 890-0845
Precision Medicine
Genomic Medicine Subunit
Dr. Ted Golos Email Dr. Golos (608) 263-3567
Precision Medicine
Precision Therapies Subunit
Dr. Igor Slukvin Email Dr. Slukvin (608) 263-0058
Stem Cell Resources Dr. James Thomson (608) 316-4348