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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
A legacy of life-saving research and humane animal care

ITSS CCI collaboration

ITSS is working with University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology (DoIT) to implement several services related to cyber infrastructure at the WNPRC. One service is the Campus Computing Infrastructure (CCI) Virtualization Services. Virtualization services allow the Primate Center to cut down on the number of physical servers, while providing highly scaleable and efficient computing resources. The CCI Virtualization gives us the opportunity to focus less on machinery and more on supporting the Center’s researchers and staff.

CCI together with DoIT Network Services offers a Distributed Datacenter Network (DDN) service which allows us to integrate our current network and server room computers into a virtual network which includes virtual machines (VM) implemented on the CCI platform. DDN is a “bridge” between the two locations and enable us to more easily transition our physical servers to virtual machines or to co-locate physical servers at the CCI datacenter with minimal interruption of service. Immediate advantages of having our servers on the DDN include increased network throughput and advanced cyber security. Our server room connection to the campus network backbone increases from two 1Gbit fibre connections to two 40Gbit fibre connections. All of our servers will benefit from advanced cyber security tools and appliances that are in place at the CCI datacenters.