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Immunology Pricing

activation phenotype stainingreagents and supplies1 tube$15.23
BL-3 live cell sorting (first hour)reagents and labor1 hour$100.71
BL-3 live cell sorting (hour 2 - onward) reagents and labor1 hour61.20
blood processing 1-8 mlreagents and supplies1 sample$24.16
blood processing 9-17 mlreagents and supplies1 sample$35.98
blood processing 18-24 mlreagents and supplies1 sample$57.50
blood processing >24 ml volumereagents and supplies1 sample$135.66
CD8 T cell Enrichmentreagents and supplies1 sample$275.40
compensation tubereagents and supplies1 tube$5.34
cryopreserved lymph node cells10-20 million cells1 vial$26.11
cryopreserved PBMC5-10 million cells1 vial$24.79
ELISA data acquisitionusing Glomax reader1 plate$5
ELISpot/FluoroSpot data acquisitionusing AID FluoroSpot reader1 hour$15
flow data acquisition by investigatorusing BD LSR II1 hour$60.69
flow data acquisition by ISusing BD LSR II1 hour$91.35
HIV-specific ADCC assayreagents and supplies1 sample$159.84
ICS for 3 functional parametersreagents and supplies1 tube$11.94
ICS for 4 functional parametersreagents and supplies1 tube$23.37
ICS for 5 functional parametersreagents and supplies1 tube$26.31
IFN-g elispot assayup to 40 samples in duplicates1 plate$261.46
lymph node processingreagents and supplies1 sample$57.54
memory phenotype stainingreagents and supplies1 tube$14.74
plasma processingreagents and supplies1 sample$11.21
research specialist effort1 hour$39.82
scientist effort1 hour$109.46
serum processingreagents and supplies1 sample$9.06
SIV-specific ADCC assayreagents and supplies1 sample$219.63
spleen processingreagents and supplies1 sample$234.35
tetramer stainingreagents and supplies1 tube$7.05