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Elite Controller Resource

Graphic illustration of an HIV virus cell. (WNPRC/UW-Madison AIDS Vaccine Research Laboratory)

Understanding the immunological and genetic basis of control of AIDS virus replication should help inform vaccine design. As in HIV-infected humans, a limited number of macaques (“Elite Controllers” ECs) spontaneously control SIV replication to less than 1,000 copies/ml after infection. This is a greater than two log reduction from the typical plasma virus load after challenge with SIVmac239. Elite Controller Resource Services of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center identified EC animals in a cohort of >200 SIV infected Indian rhesus macaques and established a sample bank/database with the objective of making these unique resources available to the broader scientific community.

Contact Information

Services Supported

  • PBMC samples from EC animals
  • Plasma samples from EC animals
  • Serum samples from EC animals
  • B-LCL from EC animals
  • Viral load quantification of EC animals

Key Personnel

Eva G. Rakasz, Ph.D. Unit Head 608-265-8998 Send email to Dr. Rakasz
Jessica Furlott, B.S. Research Specialist 608-265-3379 Send email to Jessica Furlott